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Architectural Inspirations V02

Architectural Inspirations V02


Midjourney AI Prompt Sheet: Architectural Inspirations V02


Venture into the intricate maze of architecture and design with this detailed prompt sheet. Immerse yourself in the genius of Norman Foster, whose sleek, modern designs are underpinned by sustainable principles; Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the epitome of the 'less is more' philosophy with his iconic steel and glass structures; Karim Rashid, the vanguard of contemporary product design with his vibrant, futuristic aesthetics; and Neri Oxman, who seamlessly marries the boundaries of biology, design, and technology. With insights from a myriad of other trailblazing designers and architects, this prompt sheet offers a kaleidoscopic view into the worlds of form, function, and fantasy. Embark on an exploration of spaces, materials, and ideologies, driven by these guiding prompts that aim to spark untapped creativity.




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